Gypsy Maker + Wagtail Postcards


Image of Gypsy Maker + Wagtail Postcards

*This is a not-for-profit listing & covers P+P only *

As part of my GRT activism I’m offering this postcard bundle promoting Gypsy Maker 5 from Romani Cultural & Arts Company, supported by Arts Council Wales;
Wagtail; The Roma Women’s Poetry Anthology published by Butcher’s Dog, supported by ERIAC

The bundle includes 4 x A6 postcards;

1. Black Tent / Black Sarah (photo by Alun Callender)
2. Saint Sarah Kali
3. Wagtails in Indian Ink by Delaine Le Bas
4. Textile Detail of Black Tent / Black Sarah

UK P+P is £3
International P+P is £5

(This listing is designed to cover P+P only)

Thank you for supporting GRT artists!!