Paper Birch Rug (2021)

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Image of Paper Birch Rug (2021) Image of Paper Birch Rug (2021) Image of Paper Birch Rug (2021) Image of Paper Birch Rug (2021)

A densely-woven small floor rug, woven using a vintage-style rug loom and slow craft techniques; this yarn was hand woven and Navajo/ Diné plied, using traditionally hand-dyed locks in walnut and elder from Sarah Matthess, to create beautiful rich and subtle shades that echo the shedding bark of paper birch trees, which I then individually worked into a base of ethical South Down wool during spinning.

The natural matte-cream of the South Down wool hosts the shifting colours of peach and tan walnut shades through to subtle greens and golds of the elder.

This is a very thick and heavy little rug, a labour of craft and one of a kind.

84cm x 76cm

Handwoven on traditional Berber rug warp in a natural ecru shade.

It has been wet-finished and lightly treated with organic cedar oil spray.

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