Selkie Pelt Rug


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Selkie Pelt Rug
72cm x 160cm (plus fringe)

Handwoven heavy textile in hand spun rare breed British wools & rescue flock South Down, detail in shearling Shetland.

Warp in Berber wool and linen.

Developed from my original “Pelt” textile artwork from The Selkie exhibition (ONCA, Brighton, 2018), made as a study of the historic Theo Moorman technique.

Selkie Pelt features a double-warp to figure depth and texture onto the surface of my heavily spun and plied yarn, using beautifully hand-spun Shetland shearling locks by traditional spinner Sarah Matthess, to add the central detail integrated through the piece. The technique renders the detail on the surface only, so the back remains plainly woven (see the final image).

I look forward to developing more pieces in this wonderful technique created by Theo Moorman during her life and artistic weaving practice (1907-1990).

In the tradition of handwoven textiles, this rug may be used as a decorative floor or wall hanging, or as a warm panel on a bed.

I can recommend a suitable felt base for uses as a floor rug, please let me know your intended use.

This rug has been twice wet-finished to fully reach its final proportions, and can safely be cold wet finished again in the future.

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