Wagtail: The Roma Women's Poetry Anthology


Image of Wagtail: The Roma Women's Poetry Anthology

Wagtail: The Roma Women's Poetry Anthology

Butcher's Dog Publishing proudly presents Wagtail, its debut anthology of poetry, with many thanks to the support from ERIAC, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture.

Wagtail celebrates voices and visions from the margins. The book seeks to address historic and ongoing failures by the publishing industry to fairly represent the Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller (GRT) diaspora.

Editor Jo Clement's foreword details the provenance of this inclusive international anthology and explains why it is vital mainstream publishing brings traditionally excluded voices and languages into print.

Here, established poets share pages with the previously unheard and unpublished. In solidarity against hate and all forms of misogyny: 'The Roma Women's Poetry Anthology' includes writing by gender-fluid, non-binary and transgender writers.

The anthology features specially commissioned artworks by Delaine Le Bas and Imogen Bright Moon, alongside these astounding poets:

SJ Arthur
Glenda Bailey-Mershon
Miriam Ben-Dor
Lois Brookes-Jones
Zoe Brooks
Imogen Bright Moon
Jo Clement
Karen Downs-Barton
Raine Geoghegan
Katharina Graf-Janoksa
Lynn Hutchinson Lee
Georgia Kalpazidu
Riah Knight
Oksana Marafioti
Justyna Matkowska
Chris Penfold-Brown
Pascale Petit
Delia Pring
Jessica Reidy
Frances Roberts-Reilly
Emma-Cecilia Shahriari
Rima Staines
Ruth Sullivan
Hannah Todd
Claire Wimbush
Sarah Wimbush

Oke Romano ceriklo! Dikasa kalen! (ROMANES)
Behold a wagtail, and you shall see Gypsies! (ENGLISH)