Woven & Worn

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Autumn 2021
Woven & Worn is now on sale direct from Canopy Press;


I’m very honoured to have a whole chapter on my studio practice published in the new book Woven & Worn by Canopy Press, alongside other contemporary makers in textiles using sustainable and circular practices;

To purchase, please visit the Canopy Press online shop or you can order online or in person at your local Waterstones;

“Woven & Worn offers a fascinating insight into the approaches of innovative craftspeople from around the globe as they create environmentally conscious clothing in a bid to protect the planet from the effects of a throwaway industry.

Marking a revival of the make-do-and-mend era, Woven & Worn showcases the variety of materials and processes used to craft wearables with both longevity and soul. Within this book, talented artisan makers such as weavers, dressmakers, dyers, and knitters give consumers the power to repair the frayed fabric of the fashion industry and embrace the energetic campaign for a sustainable circular economy.”